Join us on an adventure of a Lifetime

Each year, Erasmus Extreme is most known for its multi-day extreme sports trips. Going with a group of like-minded students to explore the world and its nature is what ends up being an experience most people classify as one of the highlights of their university time. The trips are fully organized, from transport and accommodation to ski passes and gear- one will not need to worry about arranging anything. Organized through our travel agency partners, you will notice that you usually end up cheaper than if you would have arranged everything by yourself. So what are you waiting for? Sign up fast and join our little family in living life as a daring adventure!

Ski/Snowboard Trip

For years, we have organized ski/snowboard trips in the week after winter break. With a group of approximately 80 people, we venture off to the mountains for about a week and enjoy the freedom of soaring down a mountain. At night, we take the time to relax and engage in some classic apres-ski. The European Alps have renowned ski slopes, for both beginners as well as advanced.


Surf Trip

During spring break, we organize yet another multi-day trip. This time, we tackle the sunny beaches by going on a surfing trip with approxaimately 40 participants. Depending on the weather, we usually combine this with other extreme sports in the area such as quad riding or cliff jumping. With surfing lessons included, this trip is a great opportunity for those that want to try out surfing while combining it with some relaxing days at the beach.