Trips Committee

What does trips committee do?

The Trips Committee will be responsible for organizing the most sensational and fun trips of Erasmus Extreme, namely the ski trip and the surf trip. In a small team, you are going to take care of all the small and big details regarding the trips, such as marketing and organizing them.

Coming up with ideas for parties, arranging transport, making fun promotions, and much more! Committee will be the first contact people regarding the trips with members and external parties.

The trips committee will make sure preparation for trips and the trips themselves would run smoothly and enjoyably!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for two new members, who are both organized, motivated, creative, and outgoing with a passion for skiing and surfing.

In our trips committee approximately 5 hours per week, you are going to work closely with the board as well as external parties. So, a team player attitude and strong communication skills are necessary. As the trips are big and complex multi-day events, organization and planning skills are needed. Any experience would be a plus but absolutely not necessary. More importantly, willingness to learn!

Postions available:


  • Eye for design
  • Experience in marketing is a plus


  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Time management

Why should you join?

  • Meet friends for a lifetime and work with like-minded people: Becoming an active member of an association is a perfect opportunity to meet people at the start of the academic year as we regularly host social drinks, game nights, and other activities!
  • Gather work experience in a small business environment: working in one of the committees gives you an awesome opportunity to apply skills gained in the classroom on practice and deepen your knowledge in the fields of your interest.
  • Advance your skills in working in a team, time management, communication, and organizing events.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and learn about extreme sports