Red Bull

Red Bull is renowned in the extreme sport world, mostly for its famous energy drink. Furthermore, they are prominently invested in the organisation of extreme events, such as the Cape Fear surfing event and the Red Bull Rampage extreme mountain biking event. We are honored to present them as a partner of our organisation.

Erasmus Sport

Erasmus Sport is the main Sports organization at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. As Erasmus Extreme, we are part of their broad portfolio of various sports organizations. We are glad and proud to be part of their family and appreciate their continuous support. Erasmus Sport makes it possible for the daredevils and adventurers of our university to encounter like-minded people through Erasmus Extreme.

Erasmus Sport

Pep Legal

Pep Legal, with specialties in contracts and franchises, is a dynamic law firm for proactive, energetic entrepreneurs and organizations.

HAVN Spirits

HAVN Spirits is a havnly (pun intended) alcoholic beverage focusing on gin and rum. HAVN uses specific flavors of different regions to create an authentic taste. They supported us by financing our ski trip. HAVN attracts sporty and energetic customers that like to step out of their comfort zone, be it sports or tastes. We hope to help them in expanding towards the Netherlands, and touch base with our large group of international students.




O’Neill grew from being the first surf apparel manufacturer to a prominent player in the worldwide market of sportswear. Through our partnership with O’Neill blue, we are consciously committing to a cleaner future by co-organizing an ocean clean-up event. We are thrilled to work together with a company with so many overarching values and look forward to maintaining this partnership in the long term.