Whether you are an experienced daredevil or simply interested in trying out something different, we have memberships for everyone!

Level 1: Adventurer (€5/year*)
For those who want to try out something new, we are introducing a new membership. As an adventurer, you will have access to
  • Our Activities
  • Our Closed Facebook group
  • Social drink events!
Level 2: Daredevil (€25/year*)
As a daredevil, you have some experience in extreme sports and want to make the most out of your time at University. As a daredevil, you will get
  • Our Activities
  • Our Closed Facebook Group
  • Social Drink Events!
  • €15 Discount on Trips
  • Priority selection on Trips
  • Erasmus Extreme pass

Our Activities

Each month, we try to organize two activities, depending on the season. Some of the activities we organized in the last year were indoor skiing, indoor climbing, wakeboarding, trampoline park, kitesurfing, paintball, and extreme yoga. Those with an Erasmus Extreme pass usually enjoy a discount on the activity, whereas those without will have to pay the full amount. If you are interested in seeing what we have planned for the year, check out our 'events' tab.

Our closed Facebook group

Of course, these activities depend on the demand, which is why we created an exclusive Facebook group where you can find people that want to do an activity together. Want to go bouldering one week but there is no event? Simply publish a post in the group and you will surely find someone to go with! The Facebook group is also where we post all the pictures we make during the activities and trips, so keep an eye out for that!

Social Drink Events

Now, our association is not always about extreme sports and stepping out of your comfort zone. We make sure to relax every now and then, which is why we organize monthly social drink events. These events lead to a close-knit community and allow you to meet some new people as well! Whether it will be some chill drinks at The Smitse, or perhaps at the Kralingse Plas, we aim for a laid-back event allowing you to unwind and relax.

Our Trips

Each year we organize two trips in the second half of the year. The first trip is a ski trip in the week following winter break, during which we go with a group of approximately 30-40 people to ski/snowboard for a week. Last year (January 2018), we went to Val Thorens, France and had an amazing time (aftermovie). This trip usually sells out quite fast which is why we have a selection procedure.

The second trip will be during spring break (March/April) and is usually a surf trip. Similarly, we go with a group of max.30 people and do a combination of surfing and other extreme sports (such as quad riding). Last year (March 2018), we went to Agadir, Morocco and did a combination of surfing (including lessons) and other day trips.