Innovation Committee

What does innovation committee do?

The Innovation Committee is the newest addition to the Erasmus Extreme team. You are going to be responsible for coming up with new innovative business ideas to improve the association as a whole and organizing original community-building events to reinforce a tighter community of Erasmus Extreme.

In a small team, you are going to be brainstorming, developing, and planning any kind of project, idea, and original social event that you can think of! Themed parties, “Extreme Olympics”, new memberships, and the list can go on and on! You will have an opportunity to collaborate with other brands, associations, venues, bars, and many more on a periodic basis.

Closer to our yearly trips, you will also have a chance to help the trips committee. The Community Committee mainly will focus on spreading the Erasmus Extreme spirit.

Why are we looking for?

We are looking for creative, motivated, outgoing, and eager to learn people. This committee is truly for everyone, who sees themselves in the Erasmus Extreme spirit and would like to be involved even more in it.

If you are full of creative ideas, love organizing events and have approximately 5 hours per week at your disposal, and want to try yourself at different flexible positions, this is a committee for you! As the committee work requires regular cooperation with internal (other committees, board, members) as well as external parties (other associations, venues, bars, etc), strong communication skills and a team player mindset are necessary.

Any previous experience would be advantageous but more importantly in alignment with Erasmus Extreme values and lots of willingness to learn!

Why should you join?

  • Meet friends for a lifetime and work with like-minded people: Becoming an active member of an association is a perfect opportunity to meet people at the start of the academic year as we regularly host social drinks, game nights, and other activities!
  • Gather work experience in a small business environment: working in one of the committees gives you an awesome opportunity to apply skills gained in the classroom on practice and deepen your knowledge in the fields of your interest.
  • Advance your skills in working in a team, time management, communication, and organizing events.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and learn about extreme sports