External relations Committee

What does external relations committee do?

The external relations committee is in the constant hunt for researching and establishing long-lasting ties with companies that align with the core values of Erasmus Extreme.

By joining this committee you would have the opportunity to contact and collaborate with companies such as Redbull, O’Neil, Havaianas – anything is possible. You and your team creatively come up with valuable business opportunities for potential partners. Professionally reaching out, negotiating as well as maintaining a long-term relationship will be part of your position.

Throughout this process, the External Relations Committee also facilitates the organization of collaborative events and provides our members with discounts for event participation through brand sponsorships

Who are we looking for? 

Most importantly we are looking for passionate students that have creative ideas for collaborations and sponsorships for Erasmus Extreme.

Given that you will work approximately 5 hours per week collaboratively in a small group it is essential you are able to be a team player. The ability to communicate in a professional manner is an important skill to have as well as maintaining an awareness of the diversity of the work culture amongst the companies we communicate with and adapting your style of communication accordingly. Furthermore, the ability to negotiate and remain respectfully persistent is essential when it comes to searching for potential partners.

The aforementioned attributes are preferred but keep in mind that by no means is it necessary to be an expert, above all you must be motivated and willing to learn!

Why should you join?

  • Meet friends for a lifetime and work with like-minded people: Becoming an active member of an association is a perfect opportunity to meet people at the start of the academic year as we regularly host social drinks, game nights, and other activities!
  • Gather work experience in a small business environment: working in one of the committees gives you an awesome opportunity to apply skills gained in the classroom on practice and deepen your knowledge in the fields of your interest.
  • Gain sales and professional business communication and negotiation skills
  • Work with many different brands
  • Step out of your comfort zone and learn about extreme sports