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Q: What do you guys do throughout the year?

A: We are the most known for our yearly trips abroad: Traditionally we are doing a ski trip in January and a surf trip in March each year. In 2022-2023 we went to St-Sorlin D´Arves for Skiing & to Loredo for surfing! However, more commonly, we organize activities a couple of times per month. These can range from wakeboarding to bouldering, or even going to a trampoline park!

Q: When are your next events and trips?

A: Worried about missing any events? Follow us on Instagram and get notified whenever we announce a new event or a trip!

Q: How can I become a member?

A: We have two levels of memberships! Level 1 member – “Adventurer” is for those that want to experiment and try out some extreme sports. Level 2 membership “Daredevil” is for those that like to push things even further! Both levels enjoy various benefits and discounts on merchandise, events, and trips. Learn more and purchase memberships at ExtremeStore!

Q: I want to be more involved in the organization, are you recruiting, or do you have any positions open?

A: We recruit active members for our marketing, events, and external relations committees every September. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to stay updated on recruitment season.

Q: Who is in the board?

A: Fabian Quink (Chair), Luukas Heydemann (Vice-chair and Treasurer), Luca Demian (Head of Events), Lara Berghofer (Head of External relations), Nuno Oliveira (Head of Marketing), and Emma Mesnier (Head of Trips).