Board Interest Drink


First of all, we would like to say thank you. Directly or indirectly, You contributed to the beginning of a new Era for Erasmus Extreme: some highly dynamic committee members, awesome activities, great drinks and memorable trips. We grew from 5 to more than 80 members in less than 8 months so yes, you can be proud of yourself. As you know, at Erasmus Extreme, we tend to say “0 limits” and that’s exactly what we want for the association: no limits. Some great partnerships can still be built, awesome activities are still to be discovered and Extremers out there are still waiting to join this family of like-minded people.
This is why we need you.

If you are interested, you can pass by today In de Smitse from 4PM onwards to grab a beer with the current board and talk about what it takes to be a board member. The deadline for handing in CV and motivation letter is on the 1st of May at 23:59. More information on what to include in the motivation letter will be given during the drinks, so make sure you don’t miss out on them.

We proudly announce our new sponsor!

Extremers !

We are proud to announce that we are now officially backed up by RedBull ! 😀

From now onwards, they will support us in our events. So yeah, you better not miss the upcoming ones, RedBull is going to spice things up 😉

Hang Loose and Stay Tuned !!

Erasmus Extreme

The beginning of our extreme season

We at Erasmus Extreme Sports Association seek adventure in everything we do and want to spice up the ordinary student life with weekly activities as well as organised skiing and surf trips. We partnered up with businesses from all over the Netherlands to bring our members amazing experiences at an even more amazing price.


We kicked off the new year successfully with a sweet wakeboarding session at the Project7 Cable Park and a couple of beers by the lake during sunset (photos on our Facebook page!).


Next up was climbing at Bolder Neoliet, followed by an extreme party to celebrate the weekend, life and ourselves 😉 Keeping the spirit of weekly activities despite exams and deadlines alive, we are off to Monster by the North Sea to catch the first waves of the incoming winter swell.


‘Who says you can only surf in warm waters or in summer? In fact, the best swells arrive in the colder seasons, so that’s why Erasmus Extreme planned a surf session in Monster near Rotterdam.
Beginners as well as pros came together last Saturday on a sunny yet freezing October afternoon to get in the water (which was circa 6 degrees warmer than the air) and (attempt to) catch some waves.
Thanks to our mates at West Beach Surf School all of us managed to kind of stand up during their first session. After two hours in the North Sea, slightly blue lips and senseless fingers we rounded the day off well with a cold beer/hot chocolate on the terrace of a beach restaurant watching the sunset.
Stay posted about everything we do through our Facebook page or! Hang loose!”

First event!


This is a big day for everyone. To start off the college year extremely well, we are all inviting you to a Wakeboarding session in Rotterdam Friday, the 23th of September!
As we promised you, we have an awesome deal for the members: €15 to ride at the cable for 1.5 hours, excl. board and wetsuit (Non members price is €22)!
There is a limited amount of people that can go so be quick, first come first served.

You can buy your tickets here:
And check out the facebook event here:

The time is to be confirmed :)

Stay stoked!