About us

We are a young and starting sporting association with a special emphasize on extreme sports. Whether it is: Wind/Kite/Surfing, Climbing, Wakeboarding, Skating, Biking, Ski & Snowboard, name it.

We are highly motivated to push the sport and the people performing it. Like-minded people discuss, perform and improve their skills together to reach out for new challenges.

We envision setting up trainings, events, competitions, trips, sponsorships & deals on equipment, job opportunities in related industries, and most importantly to socialice and have a good time during your studies.
We arrange weekly activities, where we perform extreme sports. Some sports such as snowboarding, wake boarding, and surfing will repeat of course. But for the rest of the events, we try to make it possible for our members to try new and original extreme sports.

Besides that, we organize an extreme party once in every three months, and there are monthly drinks with members of the organization!

We are looking for people that are interested in, and perform any extreme sports. People with no sporting experience in any field, but with a huge interest into any extreme sport can also find here kindred spirits.

Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions!

Contact us at: info.erasmusextreme@gmail.com