Hi Extremers!

Welcome to the website of Erasmus Extreme- this is where we share photos, upcoming events and information about the yearly trips! Are you not a member yet? Browse our ‘Join’ page to find out more about the various perks and benefits or feel free to contact us through our Facebook Page :).¬†All upcoming events can be found under the tab ‘Events’.

Erasmus Extreme organizes activities such as wakeboarding, indoor skiing, and indoor climbing. Additionally, we have two yearly multi-day trips (skiing & surfing) which are in the second half of the year. To find more information, check out the ‘trips’ tab. More information will follow soon! If you have any questions already, feel free to contact us through Facebook.

Erasmus Extreme was founded in 2014 and is the Extreme Sports association of Erasmus University. We aim to live on the edge, stepping out of our comfort zone and expanding our boundaries. Both beginners, as well as intermediates, are welcome to our organization!